Tuesday, 12 July 2016

New prints!

I've recently been working on a couple of new print ideas in between pages of Lou Scannon issue 8.

I've been focusing on Final Fantasy 7 specifically and have come up with these two bad boys:

The one on the left is the main one. I did the one on the right first but then wanted something a bit more... dynamic, so I did the one on the left.
This main one is going to be limited to just 100 copies hand signed and numbered and will be available for £10.
The one on the right will only be available as part of a bundle with the first one and the two together will be priced at just £15. There will be an exceptionally limited run on this print. 20 in total.
This bundle is literally the only way to get both of the prints.

I've also had my 80s mashup print redone so if you have been waiting around for that one, you will be able to get it VERY soon!

comment here if you'r interested in the prints or you can follow the Facebook page over at www.facebook.com/PencilPirates!

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