Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Gas Mask Kids

These are a series of my own prints that I think I posted here before... but for some reason, Blogger has stopped showing images on some of my posts from this year. I'll have these with me at comic cons if anyone is interested

Lou Scannon Issue 7 - It's coming

I've been too busy to get to it as of late, but it IS coming.

My friend, Luke, has recently published a graphic novel about his trip across his home country, the USA. I contributed this to the book:


for some reason my older posts are't showing. This has annoyed me greatly. Until I can figure it out, here are some reposts of stuff I've been doing this year:

Storyboard work:
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The below is work I have done for the Scarlets rugby team. This is being used in things such as their programmes etc.

The below were done for a game that's free to download on the play app store. It's called "We Are Soldier" and is for an independent film that's currently being made.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Dreaming Blog #1

I haven't updated in months now. I've meant to but I have genuinely been too busy.

However, I had some spare time this evening and the other night, I had a pretty weird dream! So i've decided that whenever I get a particularly bizarre dream and I remember it, I'll blog it too.

This one is odd but I have recently started rereading "The Sandman" by Neil Gaiman and the NATO summit is currently on in Cardiff, so maybe that explains it?

PLEASE NOTE!: IF the text is too small to read on your screen, you can save the image and magnify it later on! :)