Saturday, 23 February 2013

Creepy Cartoon People

While playing around with my side project idea i'm working on, I decided to see if I could use the style slightly modified for other types of cartoony things.
I figured I would try doing cartoons of folk I knew in this heavy inked style but instead of just doing it in black and white, I would add 2-3 base colours to it to emphasise that person.
Obviously it works better if the person dyes their hair one specific colour or wears one colour a lot more than any other.

Here are the two I have done of other people (so far)



After doing these two lovely ladies, I decided to have a crack at doing myself:

I like the way this style is looking. Not sure what I would use it for yet... But i'll keep posting them to this blog as I do them.


Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Kids Project

Sometimes I am SUCH a doofus!

Just posted that massive blog about my work and stuff and totally forgot to include a cool little thing I got to be a part of last summer! I can't believe I haven't blogged about this at all! Duh!

Last summer I was asked by the very talented Maxwell A. Oginni if I would like to be a part of a project he had organised. Basically, Max had been to a school and done a presentation to a class full of children. Something I have done myself on a few occasions so I know how terrifying it can be. He then asked the kids to develop their own superheroes. The next stage from there would be Max passing on the kids ideas to a variety of different artists for them to interpret what the kids have come up with and to do it in a more... professional capacity.

I was more than happy to be a part of such a cool project! Getting kids into Superheroes and comic books is always a good thing in my opinion.

My friend and regular collaborator Kris Carter was also asked but since he mainly colours these days, he asked if I would draw his as well and he would colour both of the drawings I came up with. Being a fan of Kris' colouring, I of course agreed.

These are what we came up with:


I know the styles are somewhat different in my work here but I figured that would be more fun for the kids!

Anyway, I think that's defintely it for now!

First Post of 2013! A lot to catch up on!

Yeah, pretty much had a lot going on since my last post in November! After the Thought Bubble convention I realised I would pretty much be working flat out to get everything done. Figure I'll start with the oldest and work up to what I'm doing now.

For Christmas, I decided to make a book for my Niece. Now she only turned two in November so I know she wouldn't be able to read it but I figured she could grow up with it and always go back to it.
It features my niece, Erin as the main character. It's about her adventures in Dream World when she goes to sleep.
To do this, I switched to a different style to what I might draw Lou Scannon in. In fact, I've been playing with a few different styles lately but more on that later.
Anyways, the drawings within the book were styled as such:

Each page has a verse of a poem which is part of the story written entirely by myself.
The finished product looked something like this:

Printed by UKComics (Thanks Stu)
It turned out pretty nice in my opinion but then I might be somewhat biased...

I managed to get this finished just in time to get back for Christmas which was lucky. I then took a few days off for Christmas. After those few days I panicked when I realised that we wanted issue 5 of Lou Scannon to be ready for the Cardiff Comic Expo and we hadn't really started it. We had to have the entire thing finished and e-mailed off by the 15th of February to get it back in time for the con. A little over a month to get the issue done in time, whilst working our day jobs too? Tough but we did it. I don't want to show off too much of the issue here but here are a few sample panels:

It's a bit of a break from the normal Lou Scannon story but we think it's still pretty strong. Jim has done a bang up job on the storyline and we introduce a new character who will be sure to make more appearances in the future :)

Since finishing issue 5 I've started to turn my attention back to working on The Pride Issue 3. I can't really post any of that work though as it's not my baby. I won't post without permission. More info on that as it comes.

I also have a little side project I'm working on which would be intended for prints, posters and eventually if it all works out pretty well, vinyl toys. Doing it all off my own back though so will have to see how the prints and stuff do. Now I'm pretty busy at the moment tattooing and... so don't have much spare drawing time but when I get a couple of minutes here and there, I'm sketching out these ideas. I don't want to give too much away about it (Not even the name) but I will show you this one sample of one of the characters:

These are great fun to draw. Can't help but feel they sort of have a Mike Mignola feel to them though. That's the shadows and jagged lines though I guess?

Around Christmas time, I promised my printer Stu (UKComics) that when I had a chance, I would knock up a wee doodle of him. This is what I came up with:

Twas only a quick bit of fun ;)

And just for the hell of it, here are a couple of other random sketches I've done...

Insomniac Robot

I think that's pretty much it for now...
I'll post more as it comes to me. Or if I find something lying around I thought I had already posted... :)

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