Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Bruce Outback: Now on Kickstarter! and other Attic Studios news...

As those of you who follow my blog will already know, last year I ran a successful Kickstarter for my new comic book: Druid Investigations.

Back from the Printers! Two covers but one was a Kickstarter Exclusive and is no longer available.
The book has been on sale for near two months now. I've worked one comic con with it thus far. It's had some great feedback and has been reviewed by Pipedream Comics.
If you've liked my posts on twitter or instagram or even if you liked the Kickstarter campaign but didn't back it and you like the look of the book you can get yourself a digital and/or physical copy of the comic from the Attic Studios Website!

Pipedream Comics also ran an article based around the idea of Indie comic creators having been assigned to work on various different books for the new DC rebirth. I was quite chuffed to see they put me as working on the big guy in blue! Read the full article here.

From one Kickstarter to another, my friend and colleague, Kris Carter, is currently running his own Kickstarter campaign for a comic book that he's developed based on an idea he, Jim Bampfield, Kirsty Winskill and I had one night a few years ago.

Art by Kris Carter

The campaign is currently just under the half way point with 16 days to go!

As Kris states on the campaign:

"Bruce Outback is Australia's greatest detective, sent back through time with his Koala to help crack previously unsolved crimes!"

It's sort of like Crocodile Dundee meets Quantum Leap. Kris and Jim wrote the story and Kris has done all of the artwork for it with a print design from me along with variant covers by me and our small press compadre, Dean Beattie!

It's a great book and is going to lead on to some even more epic storylines. It's worth a punt at the very least! If not only for the cracking video that we made to go with the campaign.

Kris talks about the book on the latest episode of the Awesome Comics Podcast. This show is great. I've been on it myself and it makes for great Monday afternoon listening! Follow them on twitter, here.

If you like the sound of Bruce Outback, then follow and/or back the Kickstarter, here!

Finally, for this update:

As mentioned above, the Awesome Comics Podcast is a bloody awesome show and a great way to learn of other Small Press comic book titles that you may not have discovered otherwise (I've picked up a few myself, based on their recommendations.).

The podcast is hosted by Vince Hunt and every week he's aided by Tony and Dan.

On the most recent podcast, they have annoucent their combatants for their own version of "The Hunger Games".
It features an incredible gathering of Small Press comic book characters, including Attic Studios very own Lou Scannon and Bruce Outback!
I present to you: THE AWESOME GAMES!

Lou is in District 6, Bruce, 11.
I'm really stoked and excited to see out characters included in this!
The one thing I didn't do, was put for Merlin from Druid investigations for the book.
This is maaaaainly a case of fairness. In my book Merlin is already over 1500 years old and he has an incredible amount of power, drawing from the earths natural magic. So it would be pretty hard to beat him.
All that taken to account, I'm intrigued to see how they will work this and I'm even more intrigued to see how many of the characters creators will disagree with their rulings (Myself potential included in this too!)

You can check out the back catalogue of their awesome comic podcasts HERE.

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