Monday, 14 May 2012

Blood Blokes #1 - A review

So this blog initially started up as a place for me to post my Last Frontiersman webcomic. That soon changed into a place for me to just post any art I do in general but now as I take a day off to recover for the weekend at Bristol Comic Expo, I have decided just to use this blog as a place to write about comics in general.

This brings me to the whole point of this blog update - The Small Press Comic known as "Blood Blokes" by Adam Cadwell.

The Blood Blokes Issue 1 cover. Obviously.
When we got to the Bristol convention we in Team Scannon were conveniently sat on the table next to Adam so as the weekend wore on we had the opportunity to talk to the man behind the comic and I can say he is a thoroughly nice chap. He is also up against us in the Eagle Awards "Favourite British Black and White Comic" categorie.
And a well deserved nomination it is too.

In a Post-Twilight world where the market for the vampire genre has gone from "Vampires are cool" to "Oh God. Please no. Not another fucking vampire story..." anyone who wants to create within that genre has it stacked up against them to give something new... Or fresh. A lot of Vampire stories seem to quite happily sink in to what is expected of them. They're made to look gothic, or horror, or as it would seem in recent years... Shiny.
Blood Blokes has managed to avoid sinking in to these pit falls or traps if you will. Of all the vampire things I have seen or read lately, I can actually relate to this comic more than any of the others.
The main character is a chap called Vince who is so distinctly average that he reminds me somewhat of me. Just a guy trying to get by with nothing particularly special about him. He's someone that most of us could probably relate to on some level. The setting is end of 2000 too and it seems that all of the interests he has mirror mine from that time period too.
I guess what I mean to say is that the character is totally believable. The way he reacts to his girlfriend, his boss... It all feels like Adam Cadwell is writing the real world. Things I daresay at somepoint he may have experienced himself. Though I have to say Vince's courage in the comic as he talks to his boss is something I could never quite bring myself to do. The vampire element is there but so far that is a sidenote to the character development. I loved that about this title.
I don't want to waffle too long as I am prone to do as I may end up giving away spoilers but what I will say is that I thoroughly enjoyed this comic and it really has left me wanting to read issue 2 (Which as Adam told me at the con, should be available within the next month).
If you were to ask me for a feel to this comic, what sort of vibes or styles I would use to describe it, I would say it has the atmosphere of Scott Pilgrim with an art style that is reminiscent of Richard Moore (The Creator of the Indie comic "Boneyard") of whom I am a big fan.

If you see it and you like the Indie genre/Small Press titles, buy it. I doubt you would regret it.

More to follow on the Bristol comic Expo!

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  1. Thanks very much for the kind words, Dan. Best of luck at The Eagles ;)