Friday, 29 June 2012

Lou Scannon and Other Shit

Been a little over a month since my last update so figured I'd post here what i've been up to!

I've had a lot going on what with a trip to France and then tattooing and doing the comic. I've sort of fallen a little behind but on the comic but there has been a helluva lot going on so it can be forgiven I reckon :)

Lou Scannon Issue 4 is at about half way done now pencils-wise and is looking pretty good (I think...) and here's a bit of work i've recently finished for it:

This bad boy is going to be coloured soon and i'm pretty stoked to see the colours Kris uses on the new Rad-suits I have designed in the bottom panel.

E4 are also launching a new show on July 5th called "The Midnight Beast" after the band of the same name that has been making waves via Youtube. I checked them out a couple of weeks back after noticing the adverts and I really liked their stuff. So last night they performed live on E4 (Which was a first for the channel) but they wanted to drum up some Twitter support so I knocked this picture up:

Well the picture was... Very popular on Twitter to say the least. It's probably the most popular tweet I've ever made with it being RT'd 50 times and favourited 23 times... That was bizarre but also really cool. It was only a quick sketch.

Finally, I did another sitting on a tattoo I'm really enjoying doing at the moment! One more sitting for the colour and it's done! I've been calling it the Inkredible Hulk! Anyways I hope you like it! And that's it for me for now! -

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